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The CRC Corvette by Classic Reflection Coachworks

CRC Corvette by Classic Reflection CoachworksThe 1962 Corvette had a classic body style, a favorite of many Corvette enthusiasts, but the tremendous advances in suspension and drivetrain make the modern Corvette so superior to the early models, there simply isn't any comparison. If a great driving experience is what you're after, the new Vettes are the clear winner.

But what if you could re-body your C5 Corvette to look much like the '62 while retaining all of the performance and driveability you expect from a modern car? Classic Reflection Coachworks of Lakewood, Washington has your answer, the CRC. Starting with your C5, the body panels are carefully removed then everything is precisely measured to be sure the frame and underlying structure is aligned to factory specs. Then, all of the new panels are installed, fitted and aligned. When everything is set, the body is prepared for paint and the color is applied. When the painting is complete, the new interior is fitted and after final inspection, you now have a beautiful new Corvette that looks like what might have been the logical extension of the '62 body style if things hadn't changed in 1963. The CRC is definitely not a kit car, the entire process takes place in Lakewood, Washington and you can check in on the progress of your car right from their web site.

The CRC came about when an initial car was built on a '93 chassis using a stock '62 body, somewhat like the SN65 Mustang project we wrote about earlier. The success of the car and the interest from those who saw the result was the impetus to design a new body on computers at the Boeing Company. Engineers in the Boeing Chairman’s Innovation Initiative Program, spun off their project forming REALADI, a company that can reverse engineer 3D forms when no model exists. Once in the computer, the information can be used to create CAD drawings for use in production of those parts.

The engineering information was used to create the molds for the body which is made from SPRINT CBS, a material used by Aston Martin and Mercedes for their SLR McLaren. Much of the trim was manufactured specifically for this car. The complete car is quite stunning, just what you would expect from a high end project of this type.

If you think your C5 Corvette might look good with a little retro styling, check out CRC. They have what you need.

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