Ace Cycle Car – Morgan 3 Wheeler Replica

ACE Cycle Car

ACE Cycle Car

The ACE Cycle Car is one of the nicest looking modern interpretations of the old Morgan 3 wheelers currently out there. Pete Larsen of Liberty Motors, hand builds these beauties with a TIG welded tube frame, 5 speed transmission with reverse and powers them with Harley Davidson V-Twin engines, either the 88 inch or 103 inch twin cam B.

With room for 2 and a 120 mph top speed, these open air reverse trikes look like the British cars they're modeled after and the fun factor would keep you grinning long after you've put her in the garage.

If you're after the vintage look but would rather not bother with the mechanical and electrical issues, check out the ACE.

Link: Liberty Motors via The Kneeslider


  1. Norman H Gershman says

    I am interested in the Morgan 3 wheel replica built by Pete Larson. I would be happy to fly up to see your operation – costs -whether the vehicles are legal to drive in Colorado (where I live) – the various options to “dress” up the car – radio – hard and soft top etc.

    Norm Gershman

  2. says

    Norm, just follow the link above direct to Liberty Motors and you can contact Pete from there.

    Paul Crowe

  3. terry foubister says

    Great trike, could you say what gearbox and drive is used?please,and what cost without engine?

  4. william cagliostro says

    Dear sirs.I am looking to buy a practical 3 wheel car that I can drive even in the rain.Does your 3 wheeler come with a top so it can be driven in the rain?Kind regards,William.