Barry Grant BadMan Inline 4 Barrel Carburetor

Barry Grant BadMan inline 4 barrel carburetorBarry Grant, the company behind the famous Demon carburetor line has introduced a new inline 4 barrel carburetor and matching manifold. Called the BadMan, it offers a lot of advantages over the standard 4 barrel configuration.

The look is what catches your eye but having an inline 4 barrel carb gives you better fuel distribution across the length of the manifold which, according to the company, leads to lower fuel consumption. It also gives you a better low speed idle, and the improved fuel distribution also helps those big cams work at lower engine speeds when the engine is generating less vacuum. Setup is simple with only three adjustment screws, two idle mixture and one idle speed.

The BadMan induction package comes with the Aero-ram intake manifold and the carb is available with throttle bores up to 2 inches in diameter.

The BadMan inline 4 barrel carb is currently available for small block Chevy engines with a big block model coming soon.

Like I said, the look is what gets you but the engineering behind the design should make this a pretty popular system.

Link: Barry Grant


  1. Occie Ellis III says

    I’m thinking of obtaining this system but i need more information. it has a great look, and the way the set up is made grab my intress me

  2. Dan Sharp says

    I would love to put one of these on my 426 HEMI. Is there a plan to make any manifolds for Mopar engines?