Bolt In Full Frames for Early Muscle Cars

Bolt in muscle car frame from Schwartz Extreme Performance

Bolt in Camaro ChassisComplete bolt in frames built to race specifications and set up with off the shelf racing components are now available for late 60s muscle cars and early pickups. These are the answer to getting high level handling and performance from your early muscle car.

Let's face it, the early Camaros and Mustangs, Chevelles and Novas were great looking and fast in a straight line but what happens when you try to take them around a turn? Body flex and old engineering combined to produce a less than pleasant experience. Now, along with reproduction bodies for early cars you can get complete bolt in frames with the stiffness and components to deliver modern handling. In the case of unibody cars like the Camaro, it converts them to full frame eliminating the twist and flex modern engines can easily cause from horsepower and torque far above what the stock engines produced.

Jeff Schwartz of Schwartz Extreme Performance, now offers a line of frames for 1964-1972 GM A-Body Chevelle, Malibu, GTO, Lemans, Tempest, Cutlass, 442, Skylark GS, 1967-1970 Mustang, 1962-1967 Nova, 1967-1969 Camaro, (converts unibody car to full frame) 1947-1954 Chevy, GMC pickup and 1935 Ford. The frames are designed to bolt up to the stock body mount locations.

If you think you would like to build a pro-touring "g machine" this is the place to start. With any amount of power available from various crate engine suppliers plus reproduction bodies, there is almost no limit to the possible muscle car based high performance street machines you can build up. You don't need to dig around looking for an early car with enough pieces to rebuild, you just put together a new car.

Prices for these frames run from $2495 for a bare frame to a complete roller with steering rack, brakes, and rotors for about $12,900. When you consider the time, effort and money you would put into trying to put a frame under a car yourself compared to getting one of these brand new precision, jig built frames, they look like a great deal.

Link: Schwartz Extreme Performance

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  1. chad r clifton says

    im looking to bulid a custom chassis for my 1978 elcamino just like the pic on your web site so if you guys can tellme where and who builds one i would be thankfull cuz i want to put a corvette suspension under it from a c4 and a buick grand national engine and a 5spd tranny so please email me back thank you

  2. julie d kisby says

    i am looking for a frame for a 1964-77 chevelle/ el camino. or 1964-72 cutlass/442.i just need a frame for an elcamino muscle car

  3. arnold says

    hi, i need a frame for a 1968 cutlass. i’m in n.e. ohio 44266 i will travel 400 miles from here to pick one up . i will need a shipping quote for the western states. thanks arnold

  4. ken says

    is there a type of frame or frame members that can be bolted to a frame that has some rot/rust thru…for a 1984 toyota sr5, 22r and runs great with new bed and fenders, a/c, buckets…? Hate to get rid of it due to no option other than welding which is one skill I’ve never attempted.

  5. john a.capraruolo says

    what is possibility of buying an aftermarket full frame for a ’65-66 Chev.Impala 2dr

  6. Brandon Kawa says

    I am in desperate need of a frame for a 57 chevy .What is your mailing address and I can send you more info.Or if you prefer a phone no. and I will call to explain

  7. says

    Dear Sir: I need a car or truck frame for my 1948 plymouth car. (4 door) Wheelbase 117″ with front tract 57″ I was told a S=10 chevy would fit or dodge dakota.

  8. allen kent says

    Hi, I’am looking for a sub. frame, for a 1981 chevrolet malibu classic 4 door. For the rear end. do you have one or can you make one for this car. We bought new in 1981.

  9. torrence white says

    I need a frame for a 1969 lemans. Can you contact me asap at 17739687794 so I can find out prices and shipping

  10. joe sardi says

    i’m looking for a frame for a 69 camaro. can you send some pics,specs and info on pricing. i would like to put a gm rear in it , or do you sell a sub frame for the back that i can add onto the exsistng frame

  11. steven says

    I have a 96 Riviera 3.8 sc.I would like to switch this car to rear wheel drive with a 350.Do you guys have a frame that would make this posible and if so how much will a frame cost?

  12. Patrick says

    Hey Everyone. I am looking for a frame for an 84 El Camino. My son is 14 and its our project together. The frame on this pig is rusted and to be honest i’m afraid to go under it! Looking for a frame that will hold around 500hp. and as close to stock as possible so everything will bolt up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  13. wesley kelley says

    do you have any information on how to install a s-10 frame or a camaro/nova sub frame on my 1954 chevy pickup truck thank you

  14. Roy Roldan says

    I’m looking to replace my rotted frame on my 1965 ford galaxie 500, 2 door with 352 5.8 motor auto tranny. Do you make a frame for this and approx. a cost.

  15. cal says

    i’m looking to replace a rotted frame on my 1972 impala. do you make a frame for this type of car and would be your ruff estimate for this frame.