Bolt on Electronic Fuel Injection from RetroTek Speed

RetroTek Speed electronic fuel injection system

Electronic fuel injection systems are now standard equipment everywhere, but adding EFI to an older engine with a 4 barrel carburetor usually involves a fair amount of plumbing and wiring and the result doesn't look like the system you replaced. RetroTek Speed has a solution with a bolt on EFI system that not only looks like a 4150 series 4 barrel carburetor, it will bolt on in place of the carb on your current manifold, accept the standard air cleaner or work with whatever air induction system you're using now.

The system comes in two models, the Boss750™ and Boss1000™ and they work with standard carburetor linkages and components, including nitrous and superchargers. The actual fuel injectors are hidden in the "float bowls." A pressure regulator matches fuel pressure to injector demand.

RetroTek uses Smart Tune Technology (STT) to manage the system. A unit about the size of a paperback book, connects to your desktop or laptop computer, you choose from one of the basic programs that best describes your engine, then install the box in your car. The wiring harness simply snaps into a connector on the injector body.

Add positive and ground leads from the battery, an ignition lead, a lead from the coolant temp sensor in the intake, and snap in a wide-band O2 lead, and you're ready to go. Everything else is pre-wired, and the injector body is an all-inclusive EFI system. No fuel rails to plumb, no extra wires to run or sensors to install, and no headaches. Hit the ignition and the basic tune will get the motor started. At that point the STT System will start checking air/fuel ratios 60 times per second, until it creates it's own fuel curve. Drive around the block and the system will continue to learn, until engine operations reach peak efficiency. As your driving style changes, the STT will continue to adapt.

You can change the tune later with a laptop if you desire. The system works with a wide variety of ignition systems plus standard throttle shafts, cables and transmission kickdown cables.

The RetroTek Speed Bolt on EFI system was just introduced and will be available in the Spring of 2007. This could start a big move to EFI among those who want the precision of fuel injection but have not been able to find a good setup for their current manifold. This looks like a really nice high tech solution for moving past the old carburetor technology while still retaining the retro look. I like it

Link: RetroTek Speed


  1. steve bell says

    hi… we are interested in an injection set-up for our bonneville program. we run a small and big block chevy power train with carb. looking forward to hearing from you… thanking you in advance… steve bell…bell racing–

  2. SFC Lynwood Owens says

    I’m very impressed at the picture alone. I would like to purchase the BOSS 750 for a project I’m planning to start. Looking forward to learning more about this new break ; and can’t wait for it to hit the market.

  3. Robert Adams says

    How well will this system work with 5 speed trans? Has it been tested off road? Will there be a replacement parts sourse

  4. John Juarez says

    I saw your product on Spike TV. I like your products, and I would like to know more about them. I’m planning on purchasing your products for my customers. I own a specialty repair shop and am interested in doing business with you.

  5. jason says

    Without question, a Boss 750 system is going on my 69 Charger General Lee ASAP! The price is much better that the MF system, and I love the clean look! The returnless fuel system is pure brilliance, and I can retain my dual plane weiand lowpro intake for hood claerance. Can’t realy put fuel rails on the General Lee anyway, Cooter would never stand for it!

  6. rawle noel says

    hi i sent you a mail some time ago but got no reply can you send me the price for the boss 1000system.

  7. Bill Gillman says

    I have a 73 Maverick with a 302 and I am intrested in putting a fuel injection system on the car. Can you send me some info on this system. It looks better than the Holley system. Will I have to change my distributor, and what other changes will I have to make. Mine is a mild motor, I dont plan to make it a race car, but I would like to get power improvements with good street manners.