1932 5 Window Coupe Body Shell Available From Ford Component Sales

Brand new 1932 Ford 5 window coupe body shells are available from Ford component sales

Nothing says hot rod like a 1932 Ford coupe. Unfortunately, those classic lines made it so popular with street rod builders that over the years, finding an original body that’s still usable became almost impossible. Well, Ford has the answer. Just like the early Mustangs, brand new body shells are available for the ’32 5 […]

Jaguar Hot Rod British American Hybrid

Jaguar E Type with Ford 289 V8 - a British American hybrid

The Toyota Prius doesn’t do much for me but this is a hybrid I could see in my garage, it’s a 69 Jaguar E Type powered by a Ford 289 V8. It’s a complete resto mod, the car looks great being so British yet so American. Years ago I had a Series 3 E Type, […]