Blastolene B-702 Roadster Going to Barrett-Jackson

How about a 19 foot long, 702 cubic inch V12 custom roadster for your garage? If you’re thinking, “Hey, that’s my car!” head for the Barrett Jackson auction in January, your car is waiting. Press release follows: Hailed as a “rolling sculpture” and powered by a mammoth 702cid V12 engine, the famous Blastolene B-702 custom […]

Cheetah Continuation from BTM

The Chevy powered Cheetah is a less well known but really great looking car from the early 1960s. Built to compete with the AC Cobra, they produced less than a couple dozen before a factory fire destoyed the tooling. BTM LLC of Arizona has been authorized by Bill Thomas, original creator of the Cheetah, to […]

Steve McQueen’s Ferrari Lusso Up for Auction

Steve McQueen’s garage was filled with the finest motorcycles and cars, just what you would expect a passionate motorhead to buy if he had plenty of money and class. Slowly, over the years, all of his vehicles have been auctioned off. His 1963 Ferrari 250GT Lusso found its way into private hands, whereupon the owner […]

Corvair Futura Concept Car

Even when you think you have seen most of the concept cars from years past, once in a while one shows up, like this Corvair Futura concept car, that has you scratching your head. I had to stop and look because I just don’t recall ever seeing it before. It is listed on eBay as […]