Corvair Futura Concept Car

Even when you think you have seen most of the concept cars from years past, once in a while one shows up, like this Corvair Futura concept car, that has you scratching your head. I had to stop and look because I just don’t recall ever seeing it before. It is listed on eBay as […]

Mercedes 190 Body for BMW Z3

Duesen Bayern, a Japanese company, is offering a complete rebody for BMW Z3 roadsters. The finished car is called the Duesen Bayern Mystar and turns the BMW into a convincing Mercedes 190 roadster, all of the performance and modern engineering of the BMW with all of the classic panache of the Mercedes 190. After digging […]

Five Million Dollar Cobra Super Snake

The highest priced car ever sold by Barrett Jackson just crossed the block. Carroll Shelby’s own original twin supercharged Super Snake AC Cobra sold for $5 million. I have said before the many Cobra replicas, some very poorly designed and constructed, were beginning to cheapen the Cobra image. The originals were superb cars in their […]