Ford Peterbilt Pickup Truck Conversion

Ford F350 Peterbilt Pickup

Ford F350 Peterbilt Pickup truck conversion

Some guys just aren't satisfied with what you find in the showroom. Take Lynn Mullinax, for instance. Lynn likes big pickup trucks, but anyone with money can buy an International CXT, Lynn had his mind set on a Peterbilt. Of course, small problem, Peterbilt doesn't make a pickup, so Lynn started thinking about what he would need. Let's see, frame, engine, cab, tools, time, skill, ... no problem, he had what he needed. So out he goes into the garage and 3 1/2 years later comes back out with this beauty.

Actually, this was Lynn's second truck, he built a Kenworth before but was foolish enough to put a price on it when someone asked if he would sell it. Sure enough, the guy bought it and he had the money but no truck. So, back out to the garage. He says this one isn't for sale.

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