Fuel Vapor Technology – 3 Wheels – 180hp – 92mpg

Ale by Fuel Vapor Technologies

Ale by Fuel Vapor TechnologiesFuel Vapor Technologies was at the SEMA show in Las Vegas with the Ale, their Honda powered 3 wheeler. It has two tandem seats, a 180 horsepower 1500cc turbocharged Honda engine operating a "fuel vapor" system that allows it to run at an incredibly lean 20:1 air fuel ratio. According to the company, the car's performance puts it in a league of its own with a 12.9 second quarter mile, 0-60 mph in 5 seconds, 1.7 g on the skidpad, top speed electronically limited to 140 mph and the real number that gets your attention, 92 miles per gallon! The fuel vapor technology is currently patent pending and if these numbers hold up under independent testing, these guys are definitely on to something.

Ale by Fuel Vapor TechnologiesThe tandem seating and 3 wheel configuration allow a very streamlined body, essential to any high mileage vehicle, but many of these super economy cars are under powered and under performing slugs, however, if these numbers are correct, the Ale may break that mold.

Obviously, this vehicle is no high capacity family sedan, but how many people spend much of their time driving alone or with one other person? A lot. This is where the Ale would fit. With three wheels, it would be classified as a motorcycle in most areas so many of the impact protection regulations and other automotive rules would not apply here. On the other hand, it has a tube frame that incorporates a roll cage, how many cars have one of those?

Since the Ale was just introduced, it's hard to say how well it will hold up under closer scrutiny so we'll have to wait and see. Many at the show were very impressed and if it delivers on these numbers a lot more people will be impressed, too.

Full specifications:

Hand-layed fiberglass composite

Full tube frame with roll cage

High mileage Honda engine
Turbo Charged 1500cc
2 Stage single cam Vtec
Gasoline vapor fuel management system

Full time constant variable, 5 speed standard, or 4 speed over drive automatic

Front Suspension
Indy race car type, upper and lower "A" frame with fully adjustable horizontal coil over

Rear Suspension
Single sided swing arm with fully adjustable coil over

Porsche 911 rack and pinion (2.25 turns lock-to-lock)

Front Brakes
Front discs: 12.1" diameter vented and scallopped rotors, 4-piston calipers

Rear Brakes
10" disc brakes

Wheels & Tires
Aluminum 17"x7" front and rear

Two seat tandem. - shoulder seat belts

Wheelbase: 110”
Outside to outside track: 71.5"
Length: 174’’
Height: 50“
Dry Weight: 1400 lbs
Fuel Capacity: 10 gal.

Link: Fuel Vapor Technologies

Ale by Fuel Vapor Technologies

Ale by Fuel Vapor Technologies


  1. Hugh A. Burnette says

    Totally cool ! I can definitely see me driving one of these. $$ how much $$
    I watched a show a couple of years ago on vapour fuel technology.. believe it was two men in a Quebec garage working on it.. same ones? Wondered when and if I would ever hear of it again.
    Three wheels, in my opinion is the way to go. allows for streamlining impossible to attain in wheel vehicle.. does your unit also lean?

  2. Tim says

    I’d drive that! Who cares whether it has fuel-vapor technology or not. Bring it to market.

    Multiple versions would be an asset, one with vapor technology, and one without (at a cheaper price, of course).

    I’ve been yearning for a trike for years, but they’ve all been too expensive, or are kit-built. It’s nice to see another one come along. Hopefully they won’t price themselves out of business…

    I hope it has good cabin ventilation, as it doesn’t appear to have openable windows.

  3. Chris says

    I would deffinetely drive this car though talk about handling.The sad thing about this car is that the technology principles that they are using has been around for years. Research Smokey Yuniks. Hope to see some more pics of the engine compartment. I think this could easily be replicated into any vehicle.

  4. autoinfo says

    I really like the look of the car but operating in a lean burn condition typically creates an unacceptable level of NOX in the exhaust. I am curious if there has been any independent verification of their claims relating to performance, economy or emissions. I have also found another company in Oregon called Vapor Fuel Technologies that has multiple patents on a vapor system that greatly increases fuel economy without the NOX problem. Their system has been verified by an independent test lab. You can check them out at http://www.vftllc.com

  5. dan says

    if it matters… C/N. Pogue patented a carburetor that vaporized gas in the late 1930’s. The technology has been around for many years, but who would make money in the auto industry if cars got 100MPG?

  6. John SWansey says

    Nice but I don’t like the way the rear tire is closed in may be hard to change if you have a flat also how is the breaking with only one wheel in the back

  7. John SWansey says

    I made my own vapor system on my old limo with a 305 engine It is very simple and I have pictures of when I was texting it and showing how it worked the only thing is the oil companies and the goverment is fighting us not to develop these high mileage cars . I will help any one who wants to try on their own

  8. Alan says

    20:1 air fuel ratio? That will make a catalytic converter useless. The whole point of efficiency should be to lower the emissions. A motorcycle only worse in my opinion.