Hot Rod World’s Fastest Street Machine For Sale

World's Fastest Street Machine for sale

Hot Rod Magazine has an annual shoot out for the fastest street car in America. The 2007 winner was this 580CI 1500HP 1967 Camaro, and it's for sale! So, you ask, how fast is it? How about 7.64 second 1/4 miles? Think about that, drive to the track, rip off a 7 second quarter mile, drive home.

The cool thing about these Hot Rod shoot outs is the car drives from track to track, no trailer queens here. This car put in over 1000 miles between tracks and ran in the sevens every time! 1500 horsepower at the rear wheels, all business, this is about as serious as it gets. Nice.

Link: World's Fastest Street Machine - listing has ended


  1. Tim says

    my name is Tim and I am 13 and this is for that guy that ask how much you are selling it for and what kid of enigin is in it I thought I would say its a 383 (right) also is it a stroucker? also what size of a turbo do you have

  2. Mahea says

    i wanted to know more about your Camaro.
    If you could e-mail me more pictures I’d appreciate it


  3. Chris says

    i wanted to know what size engin and how much ur asking this car if you could send me some pictures and the price of the car that would be great my email is thanx for ur time