Jaguar Hot Rod British American Hybrid

Jaguar E Type with Ford 289 V8 - a British American hybrid

Jaguar E Type with Ford 289 V8 - a British American hybrid

The Toyota Prius doesn't do much for me but this is a hybrid I could see in my garage, it's a 69 Jaguar E Type powered by a Ford 289 V8. It's a complete resto mod, the car looks great being so British yet so American.

Years ago I had a Series 3 E Type, the V12 was a nice engine with a really distinct sound but prone to getting very hot. I looked seriously at a Johns Cars engine swap kit, using a small block Chevy, but sold the car before doing the deed. For the Jaguar purists who may find this sort of thing offensive, you have to live with a Jaguar for a few years before forming an opinion, if you own one, you might find your views change quite a bit.

Ford 289 under the bonnet of a 69 Jaguar

Ford 289 under the bonnet of a 69 Jaguar

The owner of this car removed the 4.2 liter 6 and installed the Ford 289 backed up with a Ford automatic and it has everything you could want, Jaguar looks with Ford power and reliability. There are plenty of untouched or perfectly restored E Types out there, but a hot rod hybrid like this makes for a pleasant change of pace. This would be a fun ride.

Link: Jaguar British American Hybrid - on eBay with long description and many photos


  1. paul kane says

    It would be nice to have feature on the car & builder. The immediate link to Flea Bay appears to be gross pandering. NOT the way to appeal to builder/ rider/rodder fan base.

    • Paul Crowe says

      The link is to the listing where I found it and I thought some of you might find it interesting. There are quite a few more details if you click through. Reading the extended description there also links you to many more photos, which, to me, seems like a pretty easy thing to do. The entire Internet is built on links, not sure why this one would bother you. If you would rather not follow it, then don’t, problem solved.

      I also added a few words to the link so it’s clear the car is for sale on eBay.

  2. oldtimer says

    You lost me with the “gross pandering” comment.
    Flea Bay, as you call it, is like an infinite yummy lovely candy store for adults! Links to Ebay are like walking in to this infinite candy store already knowing exactly where the best candy is!

  3. Billy B.Tso says

    I agree and encouraging engine swaps in jags 100%!!!! the v12 blew in my xjs ….and geeez! for the money spent, i could’ve had a hybrid xjs running 10’s on the quarter mile if I had swapped it! at it’s current price, would’ve been worth more with a unique running gear too! (Aus).

    • Paul Crowe says

      John’s Cars, which I mentioned in the article is the one I was looking into, they’ve been around about that long as well.

      Either way, a small block V8 makes a nice transplant in an E Type.

  4. OMMAG says

    You’re right … I’m just adding some more background to the whole engine swap thing. I have some experience with engine swapped cars like the Datsun Z, the Sunbeam Tiger, a Jag sedan and Austin Healy 3000… the difference in HP and torque with the small block is huge.

    BTW I came across thes JTR guys back in the late 70s because of a Z car project.

  5. says

    A car with Jaguar looks and Ford power and reliability would be a fun ride. I drove a Jaguar once, while on leave. A couple of buddies and I drove to New York City. It was great to be behind the wheel.