Meyers Manx For Sale

Meyers Manx VW based dune buggy

Meyers Manx VW based dune buggyRemember the Meyers Manx? If you've been around for a few years, ... well, maybe more than a few, you'll recall the fiberglass body kits that transformed Volkswagen Beetles into open bodied dune buggies. They were extremely popular in the late 1960s and all you needed was a donor VW. The old body was removed, the wheelbase shortened to 80 inches and you installed the new body. Many of the pieces you pulled off to begin with like the seats and such, just went back on after the bodies were exchanged.

The end result was a lighter car that was really quick and fun. Early examples in nice shape are rare and this one is a fully restored beauty. Almost makes you wonder if the time isn't right to do it all over again.

Link: Meyers Manx - listing has ended

Meyers Manx VW based dune buggy body kit


  1. Bob says

    A design in the same era that was even easier was the “TOWD”. You only had to bolt in the running gear parts and wiring. It had a very unique tow bar too. Thus the basis for the name.

    Bob in FL

  2. Richard Gentry says

    It would help a lot in trust, to tell people where you are located, both on your home page and your contact page. In todays internet campus, the absence of that speaks to decpetion. Just a thought.

  3. HorsePowerSports - Paul Crowe says

    HorsePowerSports is written from our location in Pennsylvania but this article about the Meyers Manx is about one particular vehicle offered by someone who I believe was located in Florida.

    Please remember, the articles we write here are about individuals and vehicles located almost anywhere in the world. They’re chosen because they seem like they would be interesting to a lot of people. This article was written back in May and this particular Meyers Manx is no longer available, it was sold.

  4. Ron Bethel says

    Is this buggy still for sale? If so what year is the frame, engine? , how much are you asking for it?

    Do you have additional photos of your buggy and the specs.

    Thank you
    Ron Bethel
    903 780-1024

  5. Guy says

    I want to know how much for this older style manx boby, the shortened one and who sales them