Get Your Brand New ’32

Twin V12s on the water

Computer Graphics Done Right

Ford flathead V8 with Ardun heads - rendering by Bo Zolland of Vizualtech

Automotive Illustrations by Vizualtech Design

Several years ago, I came across some really fine renderings of a Ford F100 pickup by Bo Zolland of the Swedish design firm Vizualtech. It was a striking design that was destined to make the leap from the computer screen to the street because a client in San Diego decided it looked too good to remain nothing more then a computer visualization. I … [Read More...]

Made in America

King Electronics D16 Distributor Tester

Distributor Test Machines Make a Comeback

Working on that American muscle car back in the 60s, you didn't have a computer diagnostic port where the car told you what was wrong, if you thought the ignition might be an issue, you checked the plugs, the points, the distributor cap and all of the associated wiring. Maybe you changed the springs on the centrifugal advance to change the curve, … [Read More...]

Car as smartphone – just load your apps

Let your car do it all

New Car Features Have Passed Me By - I don't need another phone

New cars have passed me by, or more to the point, the amazing new apps for in-car digital electronics leave me wondering if everything is now aimed at hipsters or other young and plugged in vehicle operators, … not drivers, because none of this has to do with driving, it’s for the smartphone obsessed who […]

Student Built High Mileage Winner

Student built 849 mpg high mileage competitor

High School Competitors Get 849 MPG in Their Urban Concept Vehicle

A team of students with a volunteer team of parents and community members, at Mater Dei High School in Evansville, Ind. built a single seat, aluminum framed and carbon fiber skinned car powered by a 50cc engine to compete in the Shell Eco-marathon Americas competition, where their 849 mpg result garnered first place in the Urban Concept division. … [Read More...]

High Technology

California High Speed Rail

High Speed Rail Falls Behind as Intelligent Cars Begin to Appear

Boyhood memories of trains and fascination with steam locomotives bind much of the railfan community together and nostalgia brings everyone out for photo shoots when a classic train makes an appearance, but that very same nostalgia should make us cautious when planners propose massive high speed rail projects to reduce travel time between cities … [Read More...]

Slot Cars for the Man Cave

Slot Mods slot car tracks for the real motorhead man cave

Slot Mods Slot Car Tracks – the Kind You Used to Dream About

Slot cars are still around, though, with all of the radio control cars and trucks you see, you might not know it. If you're a man of a certain age, you remember slot cars, probably with fondness. You might have found a set under the tree on Christmas morning and there might have been a good sized track in your town where you could race against the … [Read More...]