Turbonique Rocket Kart For Sale

Turbonique rocket powered go kart

A Turbonique rocket powered go kart in fully restored running condition is for sale on eBay, one of only three remaining from the five or so known to have been built. These are rarely seen. Turbonique is almost a mythic name from the 1960s when a small company, Turbonique, Inc. of Orlando, Florida, created some of the most amazing rocket powered drive systems for anything you could think of. These devices were connected to cars, motorcycles, go carts, boats, practically anything with an engine that could use an extra 1000 horsepower or so.

Using a fuel called Thermolene rocket fuel, a combination of nitromethane, propane and oxygen, they were essentially a rocket powered turbine which, through the beauty of gear reduction, created monster torque for a fairly short duration. Could any company sell a product like this today? With all of the safety regulations today protecting everyone from themselves, probably not, but there was a time ...

Photos, link and early ad below:

Turbonique rocket powered go kart

Turbonique rocket powered go kart

Turbonique ad from the 1960s

Link: Turbonique Rocket Kart - listing has ended


  1. Bob says

    This one looks like one of the latter variations. The first one used a turbine and gear box to drive the rear axle. It evolved through several stages with larger wheels and tires, but was abandoned after they found they could go faster with less weight on thrust alone. I imagine you could do the same things with a hydrogen peroxide rocket now.

    One of the things that was touted as a purpose was to make a “passing engine” for large trucks. The turbine was to drive an extra drive axle on demand.

    I was into karting in the sixties and remember reading about this in several issues of KARTING magazine.


  2. Richard Danelz says

    I have used one of these on my hiller Ram – Jet Yh-32 back in the 70s